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David Knight
World Class Hypnotist and Trainer

5,000 Stage Shows Performed
50,000 People Hypnotised
48 Countries Worldwide
25 Years Professional
18 TV Credits

Learn from The Best

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The UKs number one Stage Hypnosis Training Course

The Secrets of Stage Hypnosis Revealed.

This course reveals everything you need to know to perform the magic of Stage Hypnosis.

The Course Includes:
A 150 Page Stage Hypnosis Manual
4 Hypnosis DVD's
Hypnosis Audio
2 Days of Hands on Training with David Knight
Full support from David Knight and The Hypnosis Circle.

David Knight is without questions one of the most sought after Stage Hypnotists available today.
Training with David Knight offers perhaps the best training opportunity possible. With this unique training program you will have all the secrets of hypnosis revealed to you.

The course begins with home study by purchasing the Stage Hypnosis manual. The manual comes with hypnosis audio and training DVDs to support your learning.

Once the training manual is complete you will join David Knight for 2 days of hands on training. You will be in the safe hands of David Knight and so your learning success is guaranteed. Soon you will be performing Stage Hypnosis anytime, anywhere.

You can see future UK hands on training dates here: www.Hypnotist.Training

Alternative hands on training dates are also available for the Stage Hypnosis course.
Please contact us for more information.

The Professional Stage Hypnosis Training - £1,996

Stage Hypnosis Training with a touch of class!

Hypnosis Training
The Stage Hypnosis training course is only available as a hard copy and can be shipped worldwide.

Hypnosis Training

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