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David KnightLearn Stage Hypnosis

The professional stage hypnosis training course.

Fancy learning the amazing powers of the Stage Hypnotist? David Knight The worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist Reveals ALL! Here at last is the training program and apprenticeship that teaches the true secrets of the hypnotic world! This new training program for 2014 is the only program of its kind available in the world today that has been written by a professional performing Stage Hypnotist.


This stage hypnosis training course includes all the information and training you will require to become a licensed Stage Hypnotist and a member of a professional body - regulated and licensed in accordance with local authority and the 1952 stage hypnosis act! Nothing is held back in this powerful course and you will soon have all the secret powers of the Stage Hypnotist.

Fact - David Knight is a professional Stage Hypnotist

Fact - David Knight has performed over 5,000 professional stage shows

Fact - David Knight holds the world record for speed hypnosis

Fact - David Knight has hypnotized over 50,000 subjects

Fact - David Knight has performed shows in 50 countries from Peru to Hong Kong and Greenland to Australia

Fact - David Knight has over 18 TV credits to his name

Fact - David Knight was the first hypnotist to perform stage hypnosis live on TV in the UK

Fact - David Knight is licensed to train you to perform in the UK and Worldwide

Fact - This training complies with all UK government guidelines!

Stage Hypnosis Course


This amazing home study course teaches you all you need, YES, ALL YOU NEED to be able to easily and safely hypnotize people when ever and where ever you want! The home study course is incredible and comes with a two day hands on training course to get you up and running as fast and safely as possible! The course has limited positions and is not available to all applicants, restrictions apply. For more information on this incredible course contact David Knight at The British Academy of Hypnosis. By the time you have completed this home study course you will have all the information and knowledge you require to be able to run your very own hypnotic show.


This is a great business with Stage Hypnotists being one of the highest paid entertainers. This is a professional training program for those who truly want to learn to become a Stage Hypnotist.


Hypnosis Music

As a Stage Hypnotist you can enjoy the high celebrity life style the position brings along with high credibility amongst the top professions and very high earning potential. The earnings are very high and the demand for Stage Hypnotists right now across the UK and worldwide is immense! If you see yourself as an entertainer in an incredible profession giving you a very rewarding lifestyle then contact one of the worlds leading Stage Hypnotists for more information.  The training course comes with stage hypnosis music supplied on CD and 4 stage hypnosis DVDs. This gives you all you need to perform your very own hypnotic stage show. Nothing is held back. Learn one on one with David Knight. The Worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist.


Sea PrincessWhen David Knight is not training he can be found working on the cruise ships around the world. There are not many professions that can offer such an amazing lifestyle and so whether you are looking to learn hypnosis as a professional career or wanting to learn as a part time business then you owe it to yourself to be trained by one of the finest and most professional Stage Hypnotists available in the world.
David Knight offers a professional and classy stage hypnosis show with hypnotic inductions that are fast and effective and guaranteed to work in all situations where timing and professionalism are required at all times.
In this stage hypnosis training course you will learn how to hypnotize quickly and effectively in all situations. This is stage hypnosis training at its best. There is no other training course that can offer you the support from one of the finest Hypnotists in the UK.
Stage Hypnosis DVD

This stage hypnosis training program comes with 4 training DVDs revealing all the amazing secrets of the Stage Hypnotist! Watch and be mesmerised! One DVD showing the full hypnotic induction! No secrets held back! Watch as David Knight reveals the secrets of stage hypnosis. The second training DVD shows a trainee Hypnotist taken through the 2 days hands on training program and then perform his own hypnotic stage show only 2 days later! You will be amazed with the technique taught so simply that you will soon be the master of the mind! Once you have completed the home study course you will be invited to spend 2 days training with David Knight Television and Stage Hypnotist. This 2 days hands on training will ensure you are ready and guaranteed to be performing your very own hypnotic stage show!



The Worldwide stage hypnosis training course includes:


Full home study program manual


4 Training DVDs


2 Hypnotic training compact discs


2 Day hands on training course in UK


Free worldwide delivery


1 full year association to The British Academy of Hypnosis


All stage hypnosis induction scripts


Stage Hypnotist Certificate and Certificate of competence


Governed by 1952 Stage Hypnosis Act


Regulated by local authority


Lifetime support for you and your business


Professional stage hypnotist licensing


Membership with the Stage Hypnotist Register


An option to perform with David Knight live on stage!



Learn Stage Hypnotism - Hands on training

As well as the home study program you will receive a 2 day hands on training program with David Knight, The Worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist. Come and stay in our training hotel and be trained by David Knight in person. Overnight accommodation is included in the price. When you learn how to hypnotize support is vital and this training program comes with first class support. As well as the 2 days training you will receive on going support from David Knight.


Professional Certification

On completion of the training course you will receive a certificate of professional training. You will also receive a certificate that welcomes you as a professional member of The British Academy of Hypnosis! These 2 certificates along with professional training and guidance will mean that you will be able to perform stage hypnosis professionally across the globe! With this course you will get all the back up service required to get up and running in no time at all. Produced by one of the worlds top performing television and Stage Hypnotists and backed by one of the worlds exclusive training academy's,  The British Academy of Hypnosis. No other training course with give you the prestige of being professionally trained by the UK's largest training school! This course is the only one of it's kind in the UK and positions are very limited.


The Stage Hypnotist Register

Once you have completed the training program you will be registered with the Stage Hypnotist Register. Through the Stage Hypnotist register you will continue to receive support, guidance and referrals for stage shows. You can find out more about the Stage Hypnotist Register at: 

Our continued support will help you to avoid costly marketing mistakes and allow you to position yourself quickly in the market as a professionally trained Stage Hypnotist.



The Worlds Fastest Technique

David Knight is The Worlds Fastest Stage Hypnotist and this is the hypnosis technique that you will be taught. Why learn from someone who is second rate? Learn from the best! Without a doubt this training course is AWESOME! For more information on training please e-mail us from here or telephone the office and ask to speak to David Knight in person. Positions are very limited and there is no guarantee of training being offered.

The training course is run with very small numbers and you are GUARANTEED there will be no more than 4 delegates on any one course!

Ongoing support means that you are welcome to come on future stage shows with David Knight.

No other course offers so much training or support. GUARANTEED! 

>> Download more information on this training program here.


Why not give us a call and talk to David Knight in person. 0844 6655 333

>> Click here for the next stage hypnosis training days.


Option One

Order the full course delivered by post



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  "I wish I had done the course sooner! I have learnt so much it will keep me going for months. I don't think the course could have been any better and was worth every penny!" Peter Michaels - North Humberside. More Testimonials


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Knight Hypnosis

   Presented by Knight Management and The British Academy of Hypnosis.

   Office: 0844 6655 333 / Mobile: 07017 000 333





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