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World Wide Online Stage Hypnosis Training

Perhaps the Worlds Number One Stage Hypnosis Training Course

David Knight
World Class Hypnotist and Trainer

6,000 Stage Shows Performed
60,000 People Hypnotised
48 Countries Worldwide
30 Years Professional
18 TV Credits

Train With The Best

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About David Knight Stage Hypnotist
David Knight is without questions one of the most sought after Stage Hypnotists available today.

Over a 30 year career David Knight has performed over 6,000 Stage Hypnosis Shows Hypnotising over 60,000 volunteers around the world.

David Knight is without Question one of the worlds most successful Stage Hypnotists.

Training with David Knight offers perhaps the best Stage Hypnosis Training opportunity possible. With this unique training program you will have all the secrets of hypnosis revealed to you.

World Wide Video Conference Training
With each of the 4 Stage Hypnosis Training Modules you will receive personal online conference calls with Stage Hypnotist David Knight. David Knight will spend personal time with you through video conferencing, ensuring you are fully confident with the training module you have completed.

The Mentor Support Program and Membership to The Hypnosis Circle
Once your training has been completed you will receive 1 full year of membership to The Exclusive Hypnosis Circle and a full year of Mentor Support from David Knight. 1 full year of support guidance and instruction from one of the Worlds Greatest Hypnotists. Your success is guaranteed.

Stage Hypnosis Conference Call Training
This stage hypnosis training course will be downloaded instantly and comes with video conference training to support your learning and to help you successfully complete the course quickly and easily.

Each month as you progress through the course you will receive a training video conference call to keep you on track.

Video conferencing is simple to use and free anywhere worldwide.

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Professional Stage Hypnosis Training with a touch of class!

Hands on Personal Training with David Knight
Once the online training has been completed there is an optional 2 days of hands on training here in the UK.
This is optional as the online training program will cover all you need to perform Stage Hypnosis with confidence.

You can see future UK hands on training dates here:

Speak with David Knight Before You Order
We want to make sure that the course is suitable for you before you order, so why not drop David Knight an e-mail and arrange for a personal telephone or conference call with David Knight before you order the course.

Order The Online Stage Hypnosis Training Course Today
Order the course today and download the stage hypnosis training manual now.
Stage Hypnosis course price

Also available as 4 easier pay as you go payments of

Optional extra 2 Days of Hands on Training with David Knight £498

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"I have been a professional magician for 8 years now and always had a huge interest in hypnosis. For a long time I always wanted to widen my knowledge and learn the skills of hypnosis. After seeing David perform multiple times and talking to him after the shows i knew David was the person to learn me hypnosis. 

This year I attended his rapid induction hypnosis course. Before the course David sent out all the relevant information needed for the course, this included a pdf booklet with all the information needed for the course. I found this pdf great as it gave me the opportunity to read through what would be learnt on the course. This booklet alone was worth the price of the course!

During the course David outlines in detail what would be happening over the next 2 days! David breaks down and explains each step perfectly. Going into detail why things work the way they do and why we do them. David is always open to any questions you may have during each step. No stone is left unturned. David really takes the time to go through each step and makes sure every person is confident with that stage before moving on to the next.

His course was not boring sat in a class room telling you what to do on paper or with a white board! The Best thing about his course is that they are practical! You are up and about actually physically practicing each step on each other. You can do this multiple times until you are confident enough with each step before moving on to the next! I find this practical way of learning far more effective than reading off paper as i am more of a get up and do it kind of person.

By the end of the course David Made sure without doubt that you are confident enough to go out and be able to perform hypnosis confidently! He really takes the time out to make sure you are confident at each step. You can tell David really put the time into his customers making sure they get the fullest potential from his course! 

I genuinely Left the course feeling confident enough to be able to go out and perform hypnosis. 

During the course you can take breaks when ever you feel, there were refreshments available throughout the day, and David even treated us to a lovely dinner. 

I cannot recommend Davids courses enough and would advise anyone wanting to book his courses to do it! The knowledge and professional advice David gives is worth every penny! David truly is the best in the field!! I cannot thank him enough for the course, and cannot wait to see more of David in the future. Thanks."  - Nathan Lindley

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